Waste Compactor Monitoring

We offer a competitively priced cloud based monitoring system that can be retro-fitted to any waste compactor, tipper or baler.

We can monitor one or a combination of points to determine skip level.

Sitewatch® Anywhere is suitable for Waste Management applications of any size.

Optimise Your Waste Management Business.

  • Only collect skips when they are filled close to their maximum legal capacity.

No more Vehicle Overloading Penalties.

  • Stop those substantial fines, driver and business prosecutions.

No more skip overfills at site.

  • Eliminate site clean up costs, helping to maintain as good relationship with your clients.

Predictive Analytics.

  • Sitewatch will analyse historical usage, providing predicted dates for skip collections.

Monitor your Compactor for less than £1 a day.

Our subscription based service enables you to remotely monitor your compactors on any device with internet access, via a secure password protected web page.

Calibrate your compactor from your desk. 

In its simplest form, we count and totalise the bin tips, incorporating a mechanism to eliminate rogue counts due to “bin knocking”.  We provide the ability to reset the counted total either locally during a skip change or via the remote connection.

We know that counting bin tips to determine skip fullness is reliant on a consistent bin load and that this cannot always be guaranteed.

The user can adjust the number of bin tips that typically results in a full skip, based on their own customers trended behaviour.  This is how Sitewatch ensures collections can be made at optimal intervals.

Waste Management businesses are finding this particular feature invaluable…

Remotely Inhibit Tip Operations.

Remote controls enable you to inhibit bin tip operation when the skip is full or disable your service during commercial dispute.

We can tailor Sitewatch Anywhere to meet your monitoring requirements.

Where appropriate, sensors monitoring Motor Current and Hydraulic Pressure can be introduced to help determine skip fullness.

Three Phase and single Phase Voltages, DC control voltages and Hours Run can also be monitored, enabling you to remotely view a compactor’s electrical health and operational status.

SMS and email alerts are available as standard.

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For demo user name and password, please contact sales@lee-dickens.co.uk


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