Namur Ne43 Single Level Trip Amplifiers

NAMUR NE43 specification trip amplifiers are used for monitoring a 4 to 20mA input signal and to give process trips as well as an "Out of Range" trip. The NAMUR NE43 requirements are to trip when the input signal is below 3.8mA or above 20.5mA.

We offer two types of NAMUR NE43 DIN rail mounting Single Level Trip Amplifiers each of which can power the input loop, if required. The trip amplifiers come as standard with one process trip and additional internal alarm relays/LEDs for “Out of Range Input” and “Power OK/Fail”. The process trip can be configured as a Low or High trip, as required. Both NAMUR NE43 Dual Level Trip Amplifiers are SIL rated.

The trip amplifiers are compliant with NAMUR NE43, being able to detect faulty transmitters whose outputs are below 3.8mA or above 20.5mA.

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
BD9431- NAMUR NE43 Single Level Trip Amplifier Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting
BM9431- NAMUR NE43 Single Level Trip Amplifier with signal out of range detection DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting

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