Isolating Signal Converter With Built In Trip Amplifier

We have a range of Isolating Signal Converters with built in Trip Amplifiers. These instruments will convert a range of process signals into standard active and passive transmission current or voltage signals and at the same time offer a Single or Dual Level Trip Amplifier function.

The range includes dedicated mV/Voltage input with Open Collector trip output models, as well as models with upto 4 isolated outputs and either one or two trip settings as well. Options on the latter devices can include Variable Gain, Signal Inversion, Subtraction and an Adder/Averager function. In these cases the inputs are restricted to mA or Voltage and the instrument can only accept two inputs for the Adder/Averager/Subtractor option. Option on 4 to 20mA input versions: Protected Input or Protected Upscale Drive on Loss of Input signal.

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
BM1101 - BM1104- Combined Signal Converter/Isolator with Single Level Trip Amplifier Function DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting
BM1201 - BM1204- Combined Signal Converter/Isolator with Dual Level Trip Amplifier Function DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting
MIN904, MIN907 & MIN908- DC Voltage to DC Voltage Isolating Signal Converter with Alarms DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting

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