Precision electronic instruments for the integration of electrical quantities against time. The integrated quantity is output in the form of a DC pulse and an isolated open collector signal suitable for operation of an electro-mechanical counter, etc.

The instruments can be used for many applications where time-varying signals require integrating. For instance: Flow, Mass Flow (Liquids, Solids or Gases), Electric Charge, etc.

Application notes: If the integrator is required to work from a low level signal then it can be preceded by a signal amplifier. Similarly the integrator can accept a square law signal from a differential pressure/flow transmitter if preceded by a Square Root Extractor.

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
BD400- Integrator Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting
BM400- Integrator DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting
DIN400- Integrator - OBSOLETE see BD400 Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting
EI400- Integrator Mains or DC Eurocard
MIN400- Integrator - OBSOLETE see BM400 DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting

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