Frequency To Current/Voltage Converters

Conversion of an input frequency to a linearly proportional, isolated output current or voltage.  The instruments can be used to monitor the speed of rotating machinery and can be followed by a trip amplifier to give alarm, control or shutdown facilities at preset levels of speed.  They are ideally suited for use with turbine flow meters to give an analogue measurement of flow rate, and with proximity detectors for non contact speed measurement.  The instruments incorporate both a sensitivity adjustment and a reference voltage to allow a variety of sensor types to be used.

The BM200 and the BD200 are SIL Rated instruments - please see data sheets for more details

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
BD200- Frequency to Current / Voltage Converter Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting
BM200- Frequency to Current / Voltage Converter DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting
FTI-1- Frequency to Current Transmitter Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting
FTI-1D- Frequency to Current Transmitter with Local Display Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting
SI300/20- Frequency to Current / Voltage Converter, Inputs - Very Low Frequency Mains or DC Eurocard

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