Watt Transducers

The AlphaPOWER range of instruments includes both a Single and 3 phase Watt Transducer, the E1-W series, and a combined Watt/Watt-Hour Transducer, the WWH-3.

The E1-W series instruments measure the AC current and voltage and multiply them together using a pulse height/width system to generate a differential dc voltage proportional to the Watt measurement. A symmetrical dc amplifier then converts this to a true constant dc current output.

The WWH-3 provides two outputs; one a proportional, linear and highly accurate dc current output representing the measured Watts and the other a Watt-Hour measurement. The Watt-Hour output can be either a volt-free contact or an open collector output. The instrument has isolation between the inputs, output and power supply. The output section of the instruments can be calibrated for a wide range of inputs and the pulse rate of the output Watt-Hour measurement can also be calibrated to suit the required scale. Advanced circuit design gives the WWH-3 true 0.1% accuracy for both Watt and Watt-Hour measurement. The WWH-3 is housed in polycarbonate plastic enclosure suitable for both DIN rail or Bulkhead mounting.

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
E1-W Series - Watt Transducer Mains or DC DIN Rail Mounting
WWH-3- Watt / Watt Hour Transducer - Combined Mains or Self DIN Rail Mounting

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