Power Factor Transducer

The AlphaPOWER range includes a couple of Power Factor Transducers, the E1-1C0 and the E1-1C3.

The E1-1C0 and E1-1C3 detect the electrical phase difference between the measured AC voltage and AC current signals and convert this into a signal which is then amplified into a proportional linear dc current or voltage output. The measured AC current and voltage inputs are squared up and chopped using a precision quadranture switching circuit resulting in a dual polarity pulsed current output. This is actively integrated and a symmetrical dc amplifier converts this into a true constant current output, linearly proportional to electrical degrees (non-linear to Cos-phi scale). The input and output ranges have been selected using the most commonly used specifications.

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
E1-1C0 / E1-1C3- Power Factor Transducer - Single and Three Phase Mains or DC DIN Rail Mounting

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