Mains Frequency To Current / Voltage Converter

The AlphaPOWER Range includes a mains frequency to dc current or voltage converter, the E1-FREQ.

The measured input is isolated, filtered, squared-up and offered to a precision frequency to current converter. The current is amplified and compared to an accurate reference. A symmetrical dc amplifier converts the resultant to the required voltage or current output suited to driving meters, computer inputs and process control systems. Using the latest technology in converter integrated circuits, dc amplifiers and reference circuits, the E1-FREQ offers exceptional accuracy and stability with increased immunity to spikes and distorted waveforms. The E1-FREQ is housed in polycarbonate plastic enclosure suitable for mounting on DIN rail.

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E1-FREQ- Frequency to Current / Voltage Converter, Input - Mains Frequencies only Mains or DC DIN Rail Mounting

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