Combined Watt / Var Transducers

The AlphaPOWER range of instruments includes a combined Watt and VAR Transducer, the WVT-3.


The WVT-3 provides two simultaneous proportional, linear and highly accurate dc current outputs extracted from the current and voltage inputs and their relative phase angles. The polarity of the Watt output is positive for unity power factor and the polarity of the VAR output is positive for a lagging power factor. The instrument has isolation between the inputs, output and power supply. Advanced circuit design gives the WVT-3 true 0.1% accuracy for both Watt and VAR measurement. The WVT-3 is housed in polycarbonate plastic enclosure suitable for both DIN rail or Bulkhead mounting.

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WVT-3- Watt / VAR Transducer - Combined Mains or Self DIN Rail Mounting

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