Ac Voltage Transducers

The AlphaPOWER range includes two types of AC Voltage Transducers, the ACT-SV, which is self powered, and the ACT-2V, which is output loop powered.

The ACT-SV and the ACT-2V are isolating transmitters, which will convert an AC Voltage input into a proportional, linear and highly accurate current or voltage output signal. An internal transformer isolates the input from the output enabling the transmitter to withstand large momentary inputs. The input to output isolation also provides a high output signal-to-noise ratio which makes the transmitters highly immune to ground loop signals and RFI problems.

The ACT-SV and the ACT-2V are housed in polycarbonate plastic enclosures suitable for mounting on DIN rail.

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Instrument Type Power Mounting SIL PDF
ACT-2V- AC Voltage i/p DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting
ACT-SV- AC Voltage i/p Self Powered DIN Rail Mounting

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